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Dr. Noe is great! Always trying to get to the root of your chronic ailments. I had to take some expensive jewelry off to get my X-rays done and I completely forgot and waltzed out of the office. The staff found it and tracked me down and kept it in a safe until I was able to retrieve them. So wonderful everyone working there and I am so grateful.

- Bob Christiansen

Dr. Noe is the best chiropractor in the game!! I’ve had chronic back pain since I can remember and no matter how many doctors I visited, no one was able to fix my back, neck, and shoulder problems like he was. I feel like a new person, who’s able to exercise and move my body in ways that weren’t possible previously.

- Justin Gonzalez

I have been seeing Dr. Noe for many years. He is warm and caring and worried about your whole self, always asking the right questions and listening intently.

- Donna Lamb

I was impressed with every aspect of my time spent at your facility today.

-Kristin W

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